Otis Offer A Comprehensive Employee Scholar Program


Our Employee Scholar Program (ESP) is one of the most comprehensive company-sponsored education programs out there, shaped to keep you up-to-the-minute in your chosen field.

We’re dedicated to your development in every way, from paying fees to forging partnerships with the best universities.

Jiten - Vaghela

- Jiten Vaghela

Jiten - Vaghela

- Charles Jiang

Jiten - Vaghela

- Courtney Dornell

Jiten - Vaghela

- Kaye Allfrey

That’s the number of degrees earned since 1996 through ESP.

invested in the education and development of our employees.

This is how many employees are engaged right now on an ESP.

countries with employee participation.

ESP allows our employees to expand their skills, positioning them for career advancement and serving as a valuable hedge against the uncertainties of a fast-changing work environment. We provide opportunities for our employees to expand their skills in a truly meaningful way.

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