The Otis CompassPlus Destination Management System


Discover the latest in fast, efficient destination management

Adding CompassPlus to your elevators before they are modernized increases the capacity of your existing elevators to minimize disruption.

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Our modernization process is built on years of experience. It is a hassle-free process that delivers all the advantages of the CompassPlus system without impacting on flow or passenger experience while it’s happening.

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The CompassPlus system uses sophisticated technology to ensure a simple, relaxing experience for everyone who uses it. Navigating through your building is easy, and elevators are always ready to go.

People Using Rotating door

CompassPlus fixtures and features are created to feel right and work perfectly for many years. Every innovative detail is completely intuitive, plus there’s a single ‘Click & Go’ button for quick access to information and clear directions.

People Using Rotating door

There's a range of customizable screens to inform and guide your passengers, allowing the CompassPlus system to act like a virtual concierge, reacting to personal requests.

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