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Ultimate flexibility to future-proof your building

SuperGroup from Otis provides seamless passenger experience by using cabs from a defined “super group” as a bridge between low- and high-rise banks, as required. This means that passengers can access any floor, from any floor, making transfer lobbies a thing of the past.

SuperGroup automatically adapts to traffic, borrowing from less active banks to serve peak activity during busy periods. The result is both journey and waiting times are reduced. Powered by CompassPlus® new algorithms, SuperGroup enables for the first time global supervision and management of all the elevator's performance in a synchronized manner.

SuperGroup creates easy lease expansion for building owners and brokers. Now they are not limited with free floors separated by a transfer floor. By eliminating the transfer floor, we also are able to lower the reconfiguration costs for your building.

SuperGroup improves passenger experience with reduced waiting times and less stops by accessing from any floor to any floor in the building core. Now you have access to universal amenities with unlimited design possibilities.

With new dynamic elevator groups, SuperGroup creates direct and fast travel throughout your building, eliminating stops at transfer or lobby floors. Powered by CompassPlus® intelligent dispatching, handling capacity is shared between different areas of the building balancing cars between groups as needed.

SuperGroup elevators can now accommodate new building core designs with optimized layouts. When combined with double decks, SuperGroup can optimize the core footprint creating space for tenants in your building.

SuperGroup offers unrivaled and continuous flexibility and can be configured to match the needs of passengers, tenants and building owners – even as their needs change.

Find out how SuperGroup for Otis can transform journeys through your building.

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